Genitourinary Reconstruction
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Genitourinary Reconstruction

Genitourinary Reconstruction Surgical Treatment for Male Pelvic Conditions

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Men with lower urinary tract and genital conditions face physical, emotional and social challenges in their daily lives. It’s important to learn about your options.

Cleveland Clinic's Center for Genitourinary Reconstruction specializes in advanced surgical therapies for male pelvic conditions. Our Center has helped hundreds of men overcome everyday health challenges and we want to make sure you are informed about your condition and treatment options.

Download our free guide to learn about:

  • Conditions, diseases and anomalies that our center treats
  • Treatment options for conditions including:
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Urinary incontinence
    • Peyronie's disease
    • Penile fractures
    • Urethral strictures and urinary fistulas
    • Congenital and urological conditions (birth defects)
  • Information on how to make an appointment with our specialists

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