Pelvic Floor Disorders Treatment
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Pelvic Floor Disorders Treatment

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Millions of Americans suffer from a wide range of pelvic floor problems: pelvic organ prolapse, rectal prolapse, incomplete defecation, loss of bowel control, and constipation, just to name a few. Yet, many people often don’t seek help because they’re too embarrassed or aren’t sure where to turn. The good news, however, is that effective treatments may be available.

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  • Different types of pelvic floor disorders and how they are diagnosed
  • The most advanced treatment options
  • The benefits of choosing the female-led team of specialists at Cleveland Clinic

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Did You Know?

  • Cleveland Clinic is nationally ranked and globally recognized in digestive disease care.
  • Cleveland Clinic provides advanced treatment to patients with complicated pelvic floor disorders from across the country.
  • Our experts offer patients treatment options not widely available elsewhere through developing new drugs and participating in clinical trials.

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