J-Pouch Procedure
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J-Pouch Procedure

Avoid An Ileostomy And Gain Control of Your Life

Download our free J-pouch Procedure Fact Sheet.

Download Our Free J-pouch Procedure Fact Sheet

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Are you suffering from the effects of chronic mucosal ulcerative colitis, familial adnomatous polyposis, or colon and rectal cancer? Is taking medication living with pain and being tied to the restroom a part of your daily life? Do you want to avoid a permanent external bag (ileostomy)?

Download a free J-pouch procedure fact sheet to learn:

J-pouch Procedure Fact Sheet
  • How a J-pouch is created
  • Who can benefit from a J-pouch
  • The advantages of a J-pouch
  • The advantages of laparoscopic surgery
  • Details on MyConsult, our online medical second opinion service

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