Coronary Artery Disease Treatment
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Coronary Artery Disease Treatment

Are You at Risk of Coronary Artery Disease?

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Coronary artery disease (CAD), also called coronary heart disease, is a condition in which fatty material and plaque build up in the walls of arteries surrounding the heart muscle. When this occurs, the artery narrows or becomes blocked, preventing adequate blood flow from reaching the heart.

To learn more about the symptoms, risk factors and treatment options, download our free Coronary Artery Disease Treatment Guide. The guide includes information on the following: 

Coronary Artery Disease Treatment Guide
  • Coronary artery disease, ischemia and heart attacks
  • Diagnostic tests, including blood tests, electrocardiograms (ECG or EKG), exercise stress tests or cardiac catheterization
  • Treatment options, including reducing your risk factors, eating well and exercising regularly, frequent visits with your doctor, medications, stent and bypass procedures, as well as minimally invasive and robotic assisted surgery.

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