Comprehensive Sports Concussion Evaluation and Management
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Comprehensive Sports Concussion Evaluation and Management

Reduce Lifelong Effects of Concussions

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Download Your Free Fact Sheet on Sports Concussion Evaluation and Management

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In the U.S., athletes at all levels of competition suffer more than one million concussions each year. Most concussions (80 to 90 percent) will resolve within seven to 10 days. But for reasons not yet understood, some patients take much longer to recover.

Cleveland Clinic Florida Sports Health wants parents, coaches, athletic trainers and athletes to know the symptoms and how to proceed when athletic concussion is suspected. Expedient diagnosis and management of concussions reduce the potential long-term risks.

Download our free concussion information to learn more about:

Sports Concussion Fact Sheet
  • Concussion overview
  • Prevention
  • Signs and symptoms
  • When to seek medical care
  • When to return to play

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Cleveland Clinic Florida was one of the first hospitals in the region to perform "All Inside ACL Reconstruction," a minimally invasive procedure typically leading to shorter recovery times and less pain than traditional ACL reconstruction techniques.

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