Adoption Program at Cleveland Clinic Children’s
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Adoption Program at Cleveland Clinic Children’s

Get a Thorough Health Review Before Adopting Your Child

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Adopting a child is an incredible opportunity for a family that changes their lives. A pre-adoption consultation is the best way to prepare parents for the unique challenges and joys of adoption. It also addresses important healthcare questions such as the child’s available family medical history and possible developmental and health risks.

Learn more about Cleveland Clinic Children’s Adoption Program and its wide range of specialized services by downloading our free guide. You will find detailed information on:

Adoption Program Guide
  • Personalized consultation options for families unable to travel to Ohio
  • What is discussed during a full pre-adoption consultation
  • Post-adoption assessments of medical history, immunizations, disease risks and more
  • Ongoing care and evaluation of your child’s development
  • The advantages of choosing Cleveland Clinic’s team of specialists

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To contact the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Adoption Program, please call 844.365.0783.

Did You Know?

Cleveland Clinic MyConsult lets families contact a pre-adoption specialist from the comfort of home. This personalized online service streamlines the evaluation of your child’s health records, medical photos and videos by our team of specialists.

Did You Know?

Cleveland Clinic is ranked #2 in the nation for Urology and top-ranked in Ohio for Cancer by U.S. News & World Report.

Did You Know?

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